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Tapestry (2017)


Screenwriting Commission to produce a screenplay focused on the carpet industry in Kidderminster from the 1890's to 2016.

A Community Broadcast Company Production

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Wayward Souls (2017)


Three shady characters are sat in a car, finalising a plan to intercept a van. The reflective and serious Dave is irritated by the immature an unpreparedness of his comrades. Dave struggles to keep the plan on track as the van draws near.

Written & Directed by Calum Rhys
A Smashing UK Production

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Burden Of Truth (2017)

Screenwriter, Director, Casting, Actor

A short film raising awareness of Clare's Law, an initiative that allows concerned friends and relatives to check the history of potential abusers. Male Perspective)

Community Broadcast Company production

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Finding Clare (2017)

Screenwriter, Director, Casting, Actor

A short film raising awareness of Clare's Law, an initiative that allows concerned friends and relatives to check the history of potential abusers. (Female Perspective) 

Community Broadcast Company production


The Wolf & I (2017)


Rachel struggles to cope when an Illness strikes her husband. The trauma of his condition places huge strain on their relationship, Rachel must protect her self and their daughter from the side effects of her husbands condition.

Directed by Bradley Burke
An Oscar Brown Production

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The Beheading of Barry Lynch (2016)


Barry Lynch. The name is infamous in criminal circles. A womaniser, a drug pusher, a party animal, a man who lives life as a playground. Everyone knows him. But life has caught up with Barry Lynch. Forced to flee the North following a night of passion with his bosses daughter, a contract has been put out for his head. Literally his head.

Written & Directed by Jack Millard
A Los Barbudos Production


In a Year (2015)


An ambitious radio project is set up to give their listeners one last wish before the year is out.


Written by Elle Smart
Directed by Nicole Pott
A Sonder Pictures Production


Worcester Media Lab (2016)

Screenwriter & Director

A short advert that demonstrates the opportunities and facilities attached to the Media Lab at Worcester University.


Commissioned by The Media Lab, Worcester.


Our Father (2015)


The Second World War is experienced through the journey of Private Cole, a dramatic study of the contrasting nature between the innocence of childhood and the reality of war, and the emotional struggle that accompanies it.


Written & Directed by Calum Rhys
A Smashing Uk Production

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Demons (2015)

Screenwriter, Producer, Casting & Director

Ben is a broken man, he has lost everything. He has lived a lie his entire life and used violence to attain love and loyalty. His girlfriend has finally escaped his abuse and his truth is exposed. He needs to find answers and redemption.
This film is the sequel to Silent War (2013)


A Human Voice Production


Life of Debbie (2015)

Assistant Director, Script Consultant & Actor

Debbie is born into poverty and violence, the film follows her journey from birth to salvation.

Written & Directed by James Wiles
Wiles Productions.

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Protocol (2014)


The inner mind runs crazy as Mark deals with his addictions


Written by Hayden Bail & Sebastian Idita

Directed by Sebastian Idita
A University of Worcester Production


Dark Horse (2014)


A woman known as 'Tricky Vicky' has taken on a new identity, 'Sadie', after serving fourteen years in prison for murdering her fiancé. She flirts with her unhappily married colleague Phil who is clearly sexually attracted to her. How will he react when tipped off by an off-duty police officer about her violent past? 


Written & Directed by Howard Smith
A HS Films Production


Too Bad (2014)


Two teenage boys, Daniel and Jason, go on a crime spree. Daniel gets caught and decides to end his association with Jason and go straight. He takes on a part-time job gardening for an old man, Mr. Mundon. Unfortunately, Jason turns up again in Daniel's life.


Directed by Howard Smith
H-S Films


Drinking Class (2014)


Drinking Class follows the struggles of an educated but alcoholic barman in his 30's named Jake Sanders as he attempts to reach his potential and move on from Malvern. In this he assisted by the new woman in his life, Frances, as she attempts to sober him up and make him realise he can be so much more than an alcoholic. Nothing is ever that simple with Jake as he struggles to overcome his own demons, Mum's illness, and his alcoholic friends who want him to stay in the pub. 


Written & Directed by Jack Millard
A Los Barbudos Production


Silent War (2014)

Screenwriter, Producer, Casting & Director

Claire seems to be involved in a happy and loving relationship with Ben. Behind closed doors she is battling to survive a volatile and violent relationship. Claire's friends start to question the relationship and Ben becomes suspicious of Clare.

A Human Voice Production

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